About Alex Nghiem


Alex Nghiem specializes in helping authors, speakers, consultants and other experts attract premium customers who pay top dollars. He has helped many clients build booming businesses that are custom-built around their lifestyles, and he’s an in-demand speaker and mentor.

He has architected and ran multiple online promotions and webinar campaigns that each generated over 7 figures.

His clients have included:

  • NY Times best-selling authors (Sally Hogshead, Chris Widener, etc)
  • Larry Benet, recognized by Forbes as one the top 25 most connected people on the planet and co-founder of SANG, an industry leading event for thought leaders and socially conscious entrepreneurs
  • Social Media Marketing University, who’s taught over 125,000 students on social media marketing
  • The Matchmaking Institute
  • The Coaching Movie, the world’s first movie on the benefits of coaching: the cast members includes Marshall Goldsmith (executive coach to Fortune 500 CEOs), Mark Thompson (executive coach to Steve Jobs), Jack Canfield (co creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, etc)
  • Kalee Hewlett, a fashion expert and judge on UK’s Design Genius TV show
  • Linda Hollander, a leading authority on funding through corporate sponsors
  • The Unstoppable Foundation, who builds schools for teenagers in Africa
  • Perry Marshall, the world’s leading authority on Google Adwords and the 80/20 principle
  • Jeff Adams, the nation’s leading authority on foreclosure investing